You definitely need this mobile LED screen trailer.

For rent. For entertainment. For every event.

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You definitely need this mobile LED screen trailer.

For rent. For entertainment. For every event.

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One person to operate

Easy to transport

15 min set up time

About trailer screens manufacturer 1TRAILER

We design, engineer and manufacture mobile led screen trailers. With 22 years of experience in led screens and 6 years of experience in led trailers our clients call us experts. Our know-how and manufacturing facilities allows us to produce top quality products and customize it to your needs. The trailers meet all the technical requirements for plate approval.

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Platform type Screen Trailer

Platform (PL) screen trailer has a neat aluminium body and a watertight trunk to store electronics. It is the most cost-effective model. The trailer has a roof and a tent cover to protect the screen when transporting. Size varies depending on screen preference. All details about platform type trailer

Container - Enclosed Screen Trailer

Container (CO) trailer screen has a sandwich-wall type cover. This creates extra safety for the screen and operational space inside. The whole cover is watertight and light. Container type trailer is the perfect choice for live video broadcasting. All details about container type trailer

Glass fiber - Enclosed Screen Trailer

Glass Fiber (GL) is a closed type trailer with screen. The screen cover is made of glass fibre and has very neat, round corners. Glass fiber mobile trailer is made for clients who want something special and are willing to pay a little extra. All details about glass fiber type trailer

Event participating with trailer screens from 1Trailer

22 years of helping others create amazing events


Trailer screens for your events

1Trailer offers a wide variety of trailer screens that include design, laboratory testing and manufacture. Our screen trailer are customized according to your specifications for use in different events. We have 22 years of experience with led screens and six years in manufacturing led trailers to offer you the best quality product with technical approvals at high standards.

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What Our Clients Are Saying about 1Trailer trailer screens

We are nothing without our customers' success


A pleasure to work with. Our trailer screen is nearly 2 years old and we never had a problem or issue. 1 Trailer were professional, fast and always helpful. They have excellent customer service and we are happy that we decided to use 1 Trailer to build our screens.

Barry Clarke

Everyone was amazed by the size of the Led trailer screen, which brightly illuminates the entire stadium, and the picture is clear and of great quality!

Mike Peterson
Event organiser

We bought three screen trailers of, we are extremely satisfied with the service and the quality of the finished product. is serious about delivery times and customization of the trailer screen. The quality and strength of the led screen trailer is sturdy and of remarkable design. The trailer adapts to all possible screens and is of robust construction to drive on all roads in Europe. We chose this company for its value for money and originality on all technical points. We can have spare parts to replace the tarpaulins after wear of this one. We can design customizable trailers with the manufacturer. For us these trailers are very well designed and quick to assemble and disassemble with record time with a single technician for assembly and disassembly.


I was so surprised how it is easy to transport trailer screen and manage it. I’m grateful to 1trailer team. The LED trailer screen is high quality and easy to set up. I will definitely recommend you to other event planners.

Thomas Sinkvel
Event planner


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