One person to operate

Easy to transport

15 min set up time

Platform type mobile LED screen trailer

  • The platform (pl) trailer is the simplest and the cheapest model of a trailer
  • Low and stable platform can be used as a small stage or a podium.
  • This type of LED trailer has the most options regarding size.
  • It can accommodate screens up to 28 square meters. covered by a tent for transportation.
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Platform type mobile LED screen trailer

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One person to operate

Easy to transport

15 min set up time

portrait A pleasure to work with. Our mobile LED screen trailer is nearly 2 years old and we never had a problem or issue. 1 Trailer were professional, fast and always helpful. They have excellent customer service and we are happy that we decided to use 1 Trailer to build our screens. Barry Clarke Owner

Ready-made mobile LED screen trailer

Mobile LED screen trailer is a ready-made solution for LED screen rent professionals. From our extensive experience as LED screen rent providers, we designed a convenient mobile alternative.

  • Our mobile LED video trailer is easy to transport – just attach the drawbar to a vehicle and it’s practically a mobile billboard.

  • It requires only one person to operate – towing the trailer, setting up the LED screen and operating the screen – no help is required.

  • Additionally, no platform is needed to set up the LED screen. Because of this, our mobile LED trailer solution saves money and time.

A product certificate TUV from Germany confirms that a product meets defined criteria and defined safety-relevant aspects.

Approved by scientists

  • 1Trailer mobile LED screen trailers are designed according to your needs.
  • Static calculations and structural analysis are done by engineers from Kaunas University of Technology.
  • 1trailer trailers can accommodate LED screen up to 28 square meters and withstand winds up to 15 meters per second.
  • Since 2013, when 1trailer started to manufacture mobile LED screen trailers, there have been no structural failures and our trailers have never stopped operating because of strong winds.
  • Documents containing static calculations and structural analysis can be provided upon request.

Exemplary dimensions of mobile LED screen trailer

LED screen powering of LED trailer

Mobile LED screen trailer has 3 different powering options:

Standard set has 16A or 32A electric socket included to power the screen and hydraulic mast. Optionally, we can add a super silent diesel generator, made in Germany by our partners GEKO. Or you can choose to add a battery to the mobile LED screen trailer, which is enough to power the screen for a few hours.

With these features, the LED trailer will work in remote locations.


Watch Led mobile LED screen trailer preview!


Additional features of mobile LED screen trailer

Our first priority is for the mobile LED screen trailer to suit the needs of the user as best as possible. So in addition to the basic features, we offer an extensive list of features you are free to choose from:

Sound system – our mobile LED screen trailers are capable of having a powerful sound system mounted on it! Excellent for broadcasting sports, this feature can make the difference to win an event against your competitors.

Remote controller – it’s best to look at the screen from the audience’s perspective. Take the controller with you and see how it looks from 20 meters away from the screen. Adjust it from there – hustle free.

Wind sensor – when using a large screen, which goes up to 7 meters in height, safety is a big issue, especially in areas with prevailing strong winds. That is why we offer a wind sensor. A wind sensor indicates how strong the wind is and if the wind speed reaches a dangerous level a sound alarm turn on.

Generator or battery – as written in “LED screen powering” section, a generator or a battery can be added on-board to power the mobile LED screen trailer in remote locations or in case of power supply failures.

Automated rotation and folding – if you want to avoid any manual work, You can order a mobile LED screen trailer with fully automated rotation and folding and control everything with just a push of a button.

Work light – events often end late in the evening when it’s dark. We have found it through our own experience that it is very convenient to have a work light mounted on the roof.

Mover – the trailer is easily movable with a towing vehicle, but in cases where the towing car has left and cannot come back because perhaps the event is already running, a mover is convenient to make small adjustments of mobile LED screen trailer’s positioning.

Ready-made mobile LED screen trailer

Mobile LED screen trailer is a customized solution for LED screen rent organizations. From our extensive experience as providers, we designed an improved mobile alternative. Our mobile LED screen trailer is easy to transport with the tow bar attached to a vehicle. It only requires one person, who can handle both operating and transporting the trailer, to set up and operate it. Plus, no platform is needed for installation! This saves money and time in comparison to other solutions that require more than one person.

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F.A.Q. About mobile LED screen trailer

Trailers are provided with a TUV certificate upon request.

Usually it is 12 weeks or less. For more accurate lead times please get in touch with our team.

We manufacture it under 3,5t with weight of the screen included.

Most often it is a LED screen with a pixel pitch of 4,8mm or 3,9mm. We have other options available or you can choose to use your own screen.

Yes, speakers can be installed in to the trailer.

We use worldwide recognized Stihl and Knott components. They are well known for their quality.

Yes, all the electronics have IP65 rating and there is a waterproof compartment for video processor, controller, etc.

The top of the screen can reach a max height of 7m.


Mobile LED screen trailers have a wide variety of usages. It can be used at or as:

Motorsport events (Formula, Moto GP, Rally)

Fan zones (Football championships, Olympics)

Sports without arenas (skiing, orienteering, cycling)

Mobile advertising billboards

Mobile traffic information sign

Festivals, concerts and other celebrations

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