Privacy Policy

1Tailer provides this privacy policy to ensure that you know about the security level when it comes to your personal information. 1trailercom, LLC company aims to protect the details we received online or offline from users. We will try our best to keep the provided data secure and private. Event technology solutions, LLC company is committed to protecting your privacy while providing services. We never collect any personal information without it voluntarily being given and we will only use what’s necessary in order for us to be able to provide the best services.

This Privacy Policy tells how 1trailercom, LLC company protects its customers’ private data by not asking them specifically about their identities like the name or address but instead using an anonymous identifier such as User ID which can change and is set up by the person every time someone signs up with our service.

We are committed to your privacy! We will never sell or share any information you provide us unless otherwise stated.
The Privacy Policy outlines how to access and change private data, as well as specifying the rights of individuals located in EU countries under GDPR regulations along with an exception regarding processing personal info if required for legitimate purposes like security measures etc.

By using our Service, you agree to let us use your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We will never spam or sell it! Any terms that may concern you are listed and defined in the Terms & Conditions section.

What we may access or collect?

Information you provide us when signing up to the service: name, email address, contact details, public blockchain addresses, and payment details like credit card information.

Details gathered while service is provided: preferences and options, the information provided via surveys and support, service and product details, progression of the game, location, device, and network details, other personal details requested by us.

How do we collect personal data?


When you use our Service, we may ask for your email address and other forms of Personally Identifiable Data. We will never sell this information to third parties or store it on a server unless required by law enforcement agencies; the only time that this data is stored comes when people contact us with questions about getting started as their own business owner.


The Usage Data we collect may include information such as your computer’s Internet Protocol address, browser type, and version. The pages you visit on our site in terms of how long it takes to load them or if they’re accessed at all during one session – this is done through log files that keep track of activity for sites like ours so we know what kind-of experience users are having when browsing with us.

When you use our services on your mobile device, this usage data includes information like the type of phone or tablet you are using as well as a unique ID for that particular device (like an IP address). In addition to those two things, we may also collect other identifiers such as MAC addresses but these don’t have quite enough importance from a privacy standpoint when compared with the earlier ones mentioned above.


We may use web cookies on our Site from time to time. These are small pieces of code placed on a webpage that help us monitor the behavior and gather data about your viewing experience, such as which pages you visit most often or if we could do anything better in order to make it more interesting for people. We also sometimes use Google Analytics for this purpose; please read their privacy policy at to know more.

Cookies can be inserted into your browser and keep track of preferences while you surf around online. Depending on their purpose they may help or harm in many ways such as allowing third parties like Google and Facebook better-targeting advertisements towards people. Ads are based on what people are doing during this time period, so marketers get an accurate representation of who might buy something from them if given access to information. There’s always opportunity cost attached since giving away personal data allows others (including hackers) more targeted hacking opportunities down the line which poses risks.

The use of collected data

We can use these tracked and recorded details about you in providing the service and other cases:

The services we provide you with allow for the maintenance and improvement of your experience as well as protection from technical issues beyond our jurisdiction. In order to do so, it’s important that we monitor what data is being used by both users within one country or technology provider’s network versus those who might be accessing us outside their networks – this information helps keep track of trends in usage patterns which can help improve customer service when problems arise.

If you are located outside the United States and choose to provide information, note that it is processed in this location as well. Your consent means we can use your personal data for our purposes – which include providing services like the application and game.

1Trailer and 1trailercom, LLC company take your privacy seriously. 1trailercom, LLC company will ensure that all data is treated securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy, as well as our responsibility towards protecting any transfer of personal information including ensuring there are adequate security controls before sending it out to other countries or organizations.

Links to other pages

The website can contain hyperlinks to sites or services on other platforms. We do not have any control over the content and responsibility for the protection, privacy, and security measures. We do not ensure your privacy and personal data protection on such pages. Your Privacy Policy does not apply to those pages, so use your discretion when browsing.


We may hire third-party companies and individuals to help us run our website and provide the service better, provide support or improve upon the service we offer. These people have access only to what is needed for them to do their job well such as your personal information with legal consequences in mind. There are no additional opportunities for them to access personal information or anything besides the details you provide.

Child privacy

Our website does not allow anyone under the age of 18 to use our service, which includes data collection. If you are a parent and know your child has given us personal information without parental consent please contact us at once so we may remove that data from our servers immediately as it is against policy for minors to have their own account on this site with full access privileges. Providing them an opportunity they might exceed by using unauthorized tools or services in order to gain unsupervised knowledge about other people’s lives online when really shouldn’t be allowed!

Future changes to this Privacy Policy

We may and will revise our Privacy Policy at any given time. We will notify you of any changes by updating this page and sending a notice via email or other communication channels such as SMS, etc. You can review the new policy in its entirety when it is published on here before we start implementing them through your use of services offered with us using. Please check back periodically for updates because these revisions are effective immediately after they post here even if they haven’t yet been implemented into what websites/app downloads one utilizes while connected to ours specifically.